Have you ever heard about car stealing with electronic signal-amplifier devices so-called «fishing rod» or «long arm»/Keyless Go

This way burglars can easily steal any car with keyless access!

In few words, there are 2 repeaters, small boxes, working as a radio between the key and the car. One thief with a repeater is standing near the car, the second one is following the car owner in 2 meters distance, for example, next to a supermarket. With repeater’s help the car exchanges signals with its own key and allows you to open the door. The thief sits into the car and presses the start button, the engine starts and – your car is stolen! Note that there is no break-ins and damages to the car!
There is simply no panacea for such a theft. Many desperate drivers just disable the function by taking out the fuse (which simplifies the theft) or putting the signal jammers, which makes the battery law.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how to help our customers, we’ve also been experimenting a lot, creating different devices. And now we’ve got HIDkey — the result of of long researches, based on numerous comments and reviews of car owners. It represents a small purse made from metalaised fabric. To keep your car safe from stealing – just put the key into the HIDkey (that works like Faraday cages) and your key woun’t send any signals to other devices able to unlock the door. Once you wanted to drive a car – just take the key out from the purse and it is ready again to send signals to your car, so you can easily open a door. Would you try?

HIDkey — This is a purse for a car key with a convenient ringlet for the rest of the keys and trinkets on the bunch. It is made of high-quality Italian leather with perfusion. The interior is covered with a soft Alcantara, which will protect the key from mashing over the metalized fabric. Inside this product is a fabric of nickel and copper, manufactured by special technology, which reliably keeps the key safe from signal penetration according to the principle of Faraday cages. Even the keys from such car brands as Lexus and Toyota, having cutting channels at high frequencies, are reliably protected from signal reading in our anti-theft purse.

Once you put the key in HIDkey, you reliably hid it from the malefactors. No one else can intercept the signals from the key by the repeater (Fishing rod / Long Hand / Keyless Go)

How to test HIDkey in action?

Let’s try it in action: First put the car key in the purse HIDkey, than go to the car and try to open the doors — they should not open. After that take out the key from the purse, open the doors, sit in the car and hide again the key in HIDkey. Try to start the engine, it should not start. It really works!

HIDkey reliably protects your electronic car key from being intercepted and read by intruders!

This protection is not only from car theft, but also from personal belongings thieves in parked cars.

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Price $150

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